Baby It’s You

Every week my very talented friend Alyssa will be doing a really awesome but really simple makeup tutorial and all the products used are available in SA.

The first in the series is a response to a request by Nastasya who wanted to know how to make her thin lips look super full.

If you have any requests please leave a comment below.

red lips 1

1. Everything you’re going to need to achieve this look is a white liner or white eyeshadow, a small brush, lip liner, and red lipstick. In order for this to work best I would suggest exfoliating your lips a little just to remove any dead skin, its really easy, grab some sugar, put it in a cup with a little honey, scrub it onto your lips and clean it off, then wipe your lips with some cold water or even ice if you have.

2. Start by drawing two lines down your philtrum which is the skin from your nose to your upper lip.

3. Now define your cupids bow, this is what will make all the difference, the white should follow your lip line and can go just over onto the upper skin but make it look quite defined like I have.

4. Pull it down and trace your whole upper and lower lip on the line and just over.

red lips 2

5. Blend the white in just a little.

6. Now taking your red lip liner and starting at the cupids bow make two lines from the top of your lip coming inward and meeting at the point making sure to define your cupids bow.

7. It should look like this now.

8. Follow the top lip line and the bottom but do not meet in the corners yet.

red lips 3

9.Now fill only the top half of your lips in with the lip liner so the middle is still pink as I have done.

10. Meet the liner in the corners with thin lines.

11. I think its quite important to have a lip brush especially if you do have thin lips, I’ve chosen to use this Barry M lipstick but really anything will do.

12. Using your brush and starting at the cupids bow fill your lips in with the lipstick ensuring not to go over the false lip line you’ve just drawn.

red lips 5

13. Clean up any mistakes with a earbud and some concealer or foundation.

14. And there we have it, Full Jolie lips, now go find a man to ruin it.

Thanks for reading

Alyssa x

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