Ain’t She Sweet

Hold onto your hats this is a long one but it’s worth it! This is the second tutorial by Alyssa for all of you who want to perfect the all natural girl nextdoor look, the next one in the series will be a smokey eye tutorial

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1. So this is essentially everything you will need to do any type of makeup, Obviously its taken a while to get my collection together and good brushes aren’t cheap. I mostly buy from Mac, Estee Lauder and Smashbox but you can get some good quality brushes from your local chemist at a reasonable price.
2. These are your essential every day brushes, from the left we have your concealer brush, a foundation brush, a blush brush and a powder brush. If you don’t get blemishes then the concealer brush isn’t really necessary.
3.These are my favorite foundations, I have tried countless brands and foundations but I end up having to re-apply make up half way through the evening or its too oily or it looks a bit heavy on my skin.
Anyway from the left starting with the most expensive is 1. Dior Forever (long lasting full coverage. A favorite.) 2. YSL (needs no introduction) 3. Mac Studio sculpt. (This is my everyday foundation, it really is wonderful, lasts forever and leaves your skin looking dewy.) 4. Clarins extra firming foundation (quite a light foundation but perfect for summer days) 5. Maybelline Fit me 220 (Leaves skin looking bright and dewy.) 6. Loreal Lumi magique (really nice foundation for dry skin.) 7. KIKO its a brand from Milan Italy. (Full coverage and reasonably priced) 8. Rimmel Lasting finish (All in the name) 9. Essence Clear and Matt (I like this because its a great one to have in your handbag or car, its a light foundation but it gives your skin a bit of brightness and it does last. At R30+/_ its a steal.)
4. Concealer, I swear by mac concealer and I am too bias to try anything else. The important thing here is to get a concealer DARKER than your foundation by at least one or two shades. Ever noticed that you’ve applied your concealer under your foundation and its very light so when you put your foundation over you end up working the concealer in too much and 20 minutes later your blemish is visible to the world? I’ll expand on this in a bit.

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5. Start with a make up free, clean and moisturized face. I cannot stress enough the importance of using a good moisturizer. P.S My eyelashes are tinted so they look a bit darker.
6. Starting with your foundation (yes, that is right, BEFORE your concealer.) apply some onto your hand, not directly onto your face, now the reason professional artists use a brush as opposed to your hand or a sponge is because we’re able to get a more even look with full coverage and not waste as much product as you end up doing with your hand or a sponge.
7.So apply your concealer using your brush in small circles and make sure to blend your face into your neck. Masks are not sexy.
8. Now for concealer, I must just say again to get a concealer darker than your foundation, and if you can, buy a brush it really does make it last a lot longer.

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9. When applying your concealer you’re going to take a little at the end of your brush (earbud works too) and DAB not rub, dab it onto the blemish until its blended in ( i like to put a bit of translucent powder over just to set the concealer.), it’s almost always better to use concealer after foundation, reasons being, you remove most of your concealer when you apply your foundation and you use less than you usually would. When applying a eye concealer ensure to dab very lightly either with your brush or ring finger and steer clear of light reflection concealers on spots. You will look like you have a lobster on your face. As the wise Paris Hilton would say “That’s not hot”.
10. Your face should look something like this.
11. I really like this Mac Prep and Prime finishing powder, its a very light loose translucent powder and it just sets everything in.
12. Any powder will do really, Try stick to mineralized powders if you can. All you’re doing here is dabbing the brush onto your skin, we’re just setting the foundation so it lasts longer.

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13. If you do like to use a shimmery powder I would suggest getting a fan brush it is very light so the powder sets very softly and you wont look like tinkerbell, Unless you like that look, then by all means, fairies are cool.
14. Fan brush is simple, sweeping across your face in an outwards direction starting from your cheek bones.
15. Eyeshadows. These are some of my favorites use whatever you like really, I use really anything, i’m not too fussed but I do like a brand called Bella Pierre its a mineral powder that you can use as a shadow or apply water and use as a liner or lipgloss and its a lipstick, pretty versatile.
16. These are just about all the brushes you’ll ever need to do your eyes. If you don’t have any its okay, ill add how to use your finger or the brushes that come with the eyeshadow packs.

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17. Start with a light gold or pink. A little shimmer is nice.
18. Apply this over the whole eyelid, if you have brushes use your biggest brush and move in circles over your eyelid, if you don’t have a brush your finger will do and just dab the shadow, be quite gentle as the skin around your eyes is very fragile.
19. Using a thinner brush or one of the brushes from an eyeshadow set find a darker colour like a brown or grey.
20. Apply the darker eyeshadow in the crease of your eyelid and just above. This gives your eye a deeper look, and if you have quite inset eyes apply more just above the crease it will make your eyes look bigger.

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21. Moving back to the bigger brush or finger take a pink or peach colour and blend it over/into the brown.
22.Your eyes should look something like this.
23. Now either using your pinky finger/earbud or your smallest brush take a white or cream eyeshadow.
24. Apply this colour directly under your eyebrow onto the brow bone, this is like a push up bra for eyebrows, it highlights them and defines your eyes.

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25. Now for liner, if you don’t usually wear eyeliner then its okay you can leave this part out. I like to use liquid eyeliner with a felt tip, its so much easier to apply and if you battle with liquid liner this stuff is a gem.
26. Gently pull at the corner of your eye and put the tip right to the corner of your eye lid and slowly pull it across, staying as close to the lash line as possible, if your hands shake you can apply it little by little.

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27. Your eyes should now look something like this.
28. Brows, This pencil from Mac is the best thing I own, its a chalk pencil so you don’t get any definite lines and it comes in a range of shades, the great thing is its got a little brush on the other side.
29. Now I feel that eyebrows are a really important part on your face, and are wholely underrated. When applying a pencil to your eyebrows ensure that you’re following the natural line of your brows, so make two little marks, the first should be directly in line with your eye as I have shown.
30. The second should be at an angle from the corners of your eye. Then lightly fill them in, staying in the natural shape of your brows.

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31.Once you’ve filled your eyebrow in use a little brow brush all the hairs so they don’t look drawn on.
32. Mascara, These are a few of my favorites, I finished my Dior mascara recently so its not in here. However I always try to use a maximizer before applying mascara it really makes a world of difference (its the white tube) in length and volume and the Loreal Double Extension I absolutely swear by.
33. Once you’ve applied your Maximizer it should something like this, Apply your mascara from the inside of your eye pulling out, i’m not a huge fan of the zig zag technique I just think its messy.
34. Apply the black over the maximizer and bam you should have beautiful lashes.

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35. Blush time, any blush will do but a brush is quite essential.
36. Now the trick to applying blush is all in the smile, so smile at yourself in the mirror and you will get what we call apples, these are the two mounds over your cheek bones, start with the brush at that point and make a circle over it.
37. Then pull up to the top of your cheek bone.

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38. Apply some light lipstick/gloss/balm and you’re good to go.Remember that if you have heavy eyes keep the lips minimal and vice versa.
Thanks for reading.

Alyssa x

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