A smokey eye always looks great in the evening or if applied lightly can also be a great day look. Here’s how.

smoke 1  edit

  1. Starting off with a clean face, apply foundation and concealer if necessary.
  2. Eye primer, I use Mac, but if you don’t have a primer don’t stress mix a little body butter with some concealer and apply that. 1:1
  3. Using a brush or your ring finger apply the concealer
  4. Your base eyeshadow should be a very neutral colour, soft gold/beige or a light silver. I’m using a gold colour because I’m going to use browns for a smokey look if you want to use black just replace the golds with silver and light brown with grey.smoke 2 edit
  5. If you have one of these pallets then by all means use it, just replacing the colours I use to similar ones in your pallet.
  6.  Using your first colour, apply this with a wide brush liberally all over your eye up to the brow line.two new this
  7.  It should look quite subtle like this.
  8.  Moving onto your darker shade.smoke 4 edit
  9.  The darker shade is quite important to pull this look together and can mean the difference between a great smokey eye or a panda. So what we do here is taking the brush from the middle of your crease which is the highest point of your eye (and will effectively give you bigger looking eyes) pull the brush outwards, keeping in the crease and meeting the corner of your eye as you see above.
  10. Your eyes should look like this now.
  11.  Taking your lighter colour or an in between colour we’re going to blend the dark into the base colour, once it’s blended use a little more of this colour and apply it to the inner corner of your eye for a deep set look.
  12.  Your blended eye should look like this.smoke 6 edit
  13.  As you can see here I’ve put more of the lighter colour in the inner corners.
  14.  Moving on to the lightest of all your colour, and either using a small brush or your pinky finger
  15. Apply this directly below your eyebrows and on your brow bone, blend it all together once you’ve finished.
  16.  Liner, you can use a liquid, pencil or gel liner, these are 3 of my favorite. I choose to use a soft pencil liner because I like to smudge the black so it’s not a definite line, but whatever you prefer. Aside from this pencil I find smashbox pencil liners amazing.smoke 7 edit
  17.  Line the entire top line and the outer corner of the bottom. This would be for a day look, a full black evening look is below.
  18.  If you want to smudge, use your pinky finger or a smudging brush, keep in mind the skin around your eye is very sensitive. Your eyes should now look like this.smoke 8 edit
  19. If you’re doing an evening look and want a more dramatic eye then fill the bottom line in but don’t go all the way into the inner corner I feel that this is dramatic enough and by leaving the inner corner open your eyes look bigger and brighter.
  20. Using an eyebrow pencil fill in your brows as I showed in the previous tutorial.
  21. If you want to wear falsies now would be the time to apply them. If not and you want to stick with mascara then I would highly recommend using this mascara, I have used everything from Dior to Chanel to Mac and I swear by this mascara, the maximizer which is the white tube makes a world of difference.
  22. Apply generously on top and bottom lashes.smoke 9 edit
  23. Apply the black over it, et voilà. Your eyes should now look like this.finale one edit
  24. Apply some blush and lipgloss and you’re good to go. Remember heavy eyes soft lips.Thanks for reading
    Alyssa x

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