Men with beards and power tools


A while back my friend Khyle hauled out an old desk and started stripping it down promising me that he was going to start a business from it. A few months later he teamed up with another friend of mine Simon and together they formed Stripped.

Not only do I want everything the refurbish or build in my house, who can resist a man with a beard wielding power tools?

PicMonkey Collage


Although they started with furniture Stripped is a creative project that pretty much involves anything that allows their creative juices to flow, ranging from furniture to food and clothing! The boys from stripped have also started building their own furniture, I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

DSC_2996 edit

DSC_2992 edit

DSC_3043 edit

You can follow them on Facebook to buy their wonderful goodies and keep up to date with their new projects.

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