The happiest place on earth – Tokyo Disney

Disneyland is pretty much every kids dream, I always remember all the ‘rich kids’ going on holiday there when I was at school and I guess as I grew older I forgot about the wonders of Disneyland and never really imagined going there.

So when we decided to visit Tokyo Disney I was excited but not as excited as a ten-year-old version of myself would have been…well that’s up until I stepped off the train and saw the outline of Cinderella’s Castle.

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Disneyland is the most amazing place ever and I was really impressed by the little details and the friendly staff. Everything at Disneyland was shaped like Mickey Mouse, even the burgers and chicken nuggets! The characters are constantly in character and the rest of the staff are super smiley and most of them can speak a little English.

The cost to get into the park is 6000 Yen which is about 600 Rand, it may seem like a lot but it’s really worth it and you end up spending the entire day and night in the park so its not bad at all. The lines for the rides can get a little long but we went during the week so they weren’t too bad, I think the longest we waited was about forty minutes.

Every ride was in amazing condition and insanely mind-blowing, I still can’t believe how good some of them were! My favourites were definitely Space Mountain and the Haunted House two musts if you are planning on visiting the park. The weirdest part of the day was watching a 4D movie with a black Michael Jackson about aliens, directed by Francis Coppola and produced by George Lucas called Captain EO, it was flipping weird to say the least!

Craig and I enjoyed Disneyland so much we went to Disney Sea the next day!

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Mickey ice-cream!

Mickey ice-cream!


Mickey burger!

Mickey burger!





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The entire parked was filled with thousands of people wearing these crazy hats...we just tried a few on

The entire parked was filled with thousands of people wearing these crazy hats…we just tried a few on










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