Human of the Week

A couple of weeks ago my friends Tom and Ying asked me to be in a music video for the one and only Yo-Grapes…who also just happens to be my boyfriend, three cheers for nepotism!


Photo via Christelle Duvenage Photography

I’m pretty awkward infront of cameras generally but they pretty much let me act like myself and do really cool things while being filmed by this big fancy slowmotion camera, the best part was smashing a milk bottle with a hockey stick (it’s towards the end of the video), although I did end up getting  covered in milk and glass.

Human of theWeek is by far one of my favourite songs from Yo Grapes and it still makes me giggle like a little girl every time  I listen to the words.

Thanks to Craig, Ying and Tom for being so flipping good at what you do!

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