A Rae of sunshine…Dear Rae Jewellery

I’m really not one to go crazy over jewelry, I’m more of a dogs are a girls best friends not diamonds.


When I first saw Dear Rae’s Jewellry I was really blown away by the simplicity and attention to detail of each piece. Dear Rae was started by Karin Rae Matthee  in 2010. She studied a BA fine Art (Jewellery and Metal Techniques) at Stellenbosch University and finished in 2009. In 2008 she completed a semester at the Pforzheim Hochschule  Germany. This exchange was a very significant experience in Karin’s studies, it refined her skills and inspired her to start Dear Rae.


I chatted briefly with Karin in-between her store renovations

The nicest thing about Dear Rae is…

Dear Rae Jewellery allows each person to make the jewellery their own as it is so simple and adaptable.

1. What is the concept behind your jewellery?

I believe jewellery should be simple. I take inspiration from natural lines and simplistic forms, always trying to create pieces that are functional and can be worn everyday.

2.Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?

Yes I do, but it hasn’t been launched yet. So keep an eye out on our website.

3.One thing everyone should know when buying jewellery is…

Keep it simple. Make sure you buy something you can wear everyday. Also know your ring size. I recently launched an online store and get a lot of queries regarding ring sizes. It is really easy to have your finger measured at your local jeweler.

You can shop Dear Rae here.















For any further queries please contact
 021 447 1390

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