The nicest thing about Joburg is.. Danielle Geyer

I met Dani when she was in first year university and I was already an old woman on my way out, recently I’ve gotten to know her a little better and discovered she pretty much knows everything there is to know about movies and even better she has her own movies blog that you can read!

The nicest thing about Joburg is…

Our people. Although honestly I think it’s just a South African thing! We’re all so damn nice and hospitable — I’ve been to a few other countries and, personally, I’ve never experienced the same vibes in those places as you do over here.


1. Who are you and where did you grow up?

My name is Dani Geyer and I have spent most of my life here in Jozi Town! I say “most of my life” because I also spent three years living in Ireland, which was fun, but you know how the saying goes (I won’t even mention it because you know exactly which one it is)!

2. What do you do?

I try to do a lot of things! I am currently in the process of completing my undergrad at Wits, but when I’m not “studying” I dabble in the odd review. I am obsessed with comics (much to the detriment of my bank balance) and I love food. So basically, I eat, study, read and write (now I just sound boring).

 3. What is your blog called and what do you write about?

My blog doesn’t really have a name anymore, although it used to be called My Humble Opinion. Now it’s really just danigeyer. I don’t know why I went with danigeyer though — “Geyer” is hardly a winning surname! But hey, that’s what I got stuck with, so I’ll take it! I focus on reviews and when I started my blog in 2011 I focused on whatever I could, having reviewed comics, books, movies and even restaurants, but these days my main focus is on movie reviews.


 4. Best and worst movies of all time? Best and worst movie of 2013?

Of all time? That is a tough one! Okay, I really, really enjoyed Alien and I’m a big fan of the typical classics like Pulp Fiction and The Breakfast Club! Some of my favourite franchises include the Mission Impossible movies and definitely all of Marvel’s recent films! But when it comes to the worst movies of all time, the list is far too long! A stand-out would have to beSuperman Returns, although let’s be honest there have been much worse! As for 2013, I can honestly say that although it may not have been the best movie, The Heat was definitely my favourite movie! But it’s that time of the year where all the buzz-worthy Oscar-type films start showing up, so I’ll probably have a different answer within the next few weeks! Worst movie?Grown Ups 2.

 5. How hard is it starting a blog?

I’d say it’s difficult! It’s a full-time commitment and sometimes delivering what people expect can be a bit tricky! I’ve been running my blog for a little over two years and I feel as though I’m only starting to get the hang of it now! But it is also a lot of fun and opens up some awesome opportunities! Also, focusing on reviews can be a challenge because, at the end of the day, not everyone is going to like what you have to say!

 6. What’s your favourite local/undiscovered spot in Jozi?

That’s another tricky question! I don’t know how “undiscovered” they are but I love Fresh Earth near Emmarentia, the Corner Café in Craighall and Modo Mio (just off of Jan Smuts). I also love our markets — there’s always so much yummy food! When it comes to going someplace other than the movies, my first option is always orientated towards eats and drinks: I love me some good food!


 7. If you had to act in a movie who would you act as and what movie would it be?

Yes! I’ve always wanted somebody to ask me this question! Although I’d love to say that I would act in a deep, Oscar-worthy bio-pic or drama, the truth is I would definitely love to act in an apocalypse movie! So basically, I would love to star as the action-heroine in an end-of-the-world film (scope includes: alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, natural disasters etc.) Or, alternatively, I would play the love interest of a superhero (if not the actual superhero)… I hear there’s going to be a sequel to World War Z, so maybe I can just replace Brad Pitt?

 8. If Joburg was a movie, how would you review it?

Johannesburg is a rich film which touches on every genre — from Drama and Romance to Action and Comedy, coupled with Sci-Fi accounts (straight out of reliable The Daily Sun) which will leave audience members grappling with great, big questions! This truly is a film which caters to all audiences. You won’t be disappointed! Score: 10/10

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