The nicest thing about Joburg is…Joana Lima




The nicest thing about Joburg is…

The people. Joburg has the friendliest people.

1. Who are you and where did you grow up?

I’m still trying to figure that out.

I grew up on the outskirts of the East under the careful watch of a strict Portuguese father and a pedantic Afrikaans mother.

 2. What do you do?

I’m about to leave the lovely Joburg people and start an adventure in Kuwait.


 3. You change your hair a crapload, who would you say is the best hairdresser in JHB?

My hair is mostly changed without my consensus, but it always looks good, so that’s a win-win. And I have Pasquale Hairstylists in Kempton Park or DNA in Bedford Centre to thank for that.

4. If Joburg had a hair colour what would it be?

After Thursdays sunset, I would have to say that Joburg is not restricted to one colour, but it would be mainly red, for passion, obviously.

1044172_10151505870101732_1239468084_n 2

5. Do you have a favourite restaurant in the city? What’s your best dish?

I’m so lame when it comes to food, restaurants and my memory. So even if it was a good restaurant, I most probably wouldn’t remember it’s name. I do love Pata Pata in Maboneng Precinct though, but that’s obviously because of its delicious soups and African decor (and, by decor, I mean the actual African tin tea pots and mugs).

998182_10151505868986732_914068172_n 2


Photo credit: Qz Zhang-Cowie

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