Halloween Masks

With Halloween coming up I’m probably not the only person frantically searching for something awesome to wear, while scouring the depths of the internet for something unique and beautiful to wear I found these really beautiful hand crafted masks. The links to buy the masks are all in the captions of the pictures.

My favourite by far is the cute bunny mask below!






Luxury-Pale-Mint-Green-beaded-venetian-mask-b- Luxury-Silver-Petite-Swarovski-Venetian-Pearl-s- Luxury-Silver-Petite-Swarovski-Venetian-Pearl-f1- Petite-Swarovski-Venetian-Mask-type-2s- Petite-Swarovski-Venetian-Mask-type-2f- il_570xN.465744228_q5sn il_570xN.455811302_alzd



il_570xN.486478609_aeng il_570xN.374130309_6y54

il_570xN.374130295_qqpp il_570xN.374130267_r0c0 il_570xN.374134583_iaj7

c4ebe2f34464a74307859683a5b259ee 21a280c883bc8c12b4aaa045aa8743d5


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