Hit Girl for Halloween

When I was younger Halloween was never really a big thing in South Africa, over the past few years however it seems to be getting more and more popular and I’m not complaining because I flipping love dressing up.

This year I dressed up as Hit Girl from Kickass. If you wanna recreate the look it’s really simple and cheap. I got the wig at Scalliwags, which by the way is the best dress up shop in Joburg, the tights were from Mr Price and the cape was from Reggies. The corset was the most expensive part of the outfit but it’s something that you can definitely use over and over again, I picked it up from China Mall on the corner of Republic and Jan Smuts.





Craig and the guys from Desmond dressed up as Ali G, their costumes were so good I didn’t recognise them at first! Respek!




Craig’s friend Dylan dressed up as Gazelle…it’s actually scary how similar he looked to the real guy!



A whole gang of my friends also joined me and we shook our butts all night long!


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