A day spent with Balcony TV

A far back as I can remember Sundays were a day of rest. Church in the mornings, breakfast and then I’d watch my dad read the newspaper and wait for him to pick out the interesting articles for me to read, Carte Blanche, then bed. Going out on a Sunday pretty much never happened and I’ve maintained this in my adult life so far.

Every now and then it’s pretty fun to venture out during the day if there’s something really awesome happening, yesterday that just happened to be Craig and Shane rapping. Yes rapping! I’m not sure if it’s ironic rap or just straight up hip hop, either way it’s pretty awesome to see them going wild on stage while rapping some of the most hilarious rhymes ever. Their rap group is called Special Guests and you can listen to their music below while looking through my pictures of the day.

Balcony TV is hosted at Randlords, and I’m pretty sure it’s the best BTV venue in the world, I would definitely recommend going to the next one!

DSCN2404_1I took this picture as the sun was setting yesterday, it gives me goosebumps to looks at and is the most amazing reminder of why we live in the beautiful city.















I’m pretty sure I looked like a tourist yesterday with all my cameras slung around my neck but I hadn’t used my Polaroid camera in a really long time so I was snapping away all day!



























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