24 things I know at (almost) 24

A couple of years ago, when I was still a newborn in the blogging world (I’m a toddler now) I wrote a piece called: 22 things I know at 22. It was pretty enlightening for myself to really sit and think about what I had learnt over the past year, I skipped it last year so I thought with my birthday coming up this week I would do one for 24.

If you would like to submit your own ‘…things you know at…’ mail me at shesaidsa@gmail.com

Credit: Hayley Cameron

Credit: Hayley Cameron

  1. It’s not wrong to dislike people, but it is wrong to be impolite.
  2. My own jokes are still the funniest…at least to me.
  3. At some stage no matter how skinny you are when you are younger you have to start looking after yourself. Gravity is no longer just John Mayer song.
  4. We are a sum of our experiences, I’m grateful for even the most awful experiences because they’ve made me who I am.
  5. My parents are human beings and also gag at the sight of baby poop.
  6. Having an opinion is good; putting it on social media isn’t always.
  7. People make mistakes and I’m a person, accept it and move on.
  8. I have curly hair and girls with straight hair want it, so I should just appreciate it.
  9. Appearances can be deceiving and so can Internet shopping.
  10. There is no better feeling than offering your self up to God…and being surrounded by people who do the same.
  11.  I thought I could learn to dance; I can’t and will probably never look good attempting to. Dancing is not my thing, but that’s okay because I’m white and it doesn’t have to be
  12. Travelling alone is still the best way to travel…but when you find the right person to travel with it makes all the difference.
  13. Good music is good music and I can appreciate it. I may not like it but I can recognise it for what it is.
  14. No one should judge anyone else…but sometimes it’s kinda fun to.
  15. I’m still my dad’s little girl and that’s pretty much never going to change.
  16. The opposite of love is still indifference.
  17.  I don’t mind drinking but I dislike drunks. At 24 if you haven’t learnt to handle your alcohol you are doing something wrong.
  18. Fake Internet points on Reddit are pretty damn important to me.
  19. Trust is the most important thing you can share with someone.
  20. Loving your job is one of the best feelings in the world, if you don’t love your job you should get another one.
  21. Tattoos are the most beautiful things in the world and the greatest form of expression, unless it’s a dolphin or a tribal, then you are an idiot.
  22. Family is the most important thing I own.
  23. We are solely responsible for the path we take in life, there is always a choice

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