#seeyourcity – Get to know the team

I’ve always loved Joburg.

I can’t remember when exactly I started loving Joburg but I guess that’s kind of like trying to figure out the exact date I started loving my parents or figured out when I couldn’t dance.

It’s just always just been there, it’s completely a part of who I am…I’ve even got the tattoo to prove it.

A few months ago I started a journey with a lovely lady named Carmen Lerm to help bring Joburg to you and the world via the Hop on-Hop off Citysightseeing bus.

Over the next few months through a series of beautiful videos and written posts myself and Citysightseeing will be inviting you to #seeyourcity .

Before the #seeyourcity campaign begins I thought it would be awesome to introduce the team that have spent hours on the streets of Joburg and even longer on the Red Bus with the wind in our hair.

Firstly there’s Jess, who is pretty much the most beautiful human being I’ve ever met and whats more she’s super nice. Jess was in charge of taking all the beautiful videos you will see in the next few months.

IMG_6402 copy


IMG_6404 copy


Then there’s Abby, who kept all of us going through her crazy impersonations helped Jess, and myself keep track of all the shots whilst lugging around all the camera equipment.





Juan,  assisted Jess with shooting the videos kept us distracted with his perfect biceps and his love for climbing and acrobatics.





Dan the man, helped out with taking stills and cheering up with his dance moves.

IMG_6480 copy


IMG_6513And then there was me…










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