Fat Girl Slim

A few years ago I stopped going for oil massages because I was fed up with the masseuses not ‘pushing’ hard enough. When I go for a massage I like to feel he stress literally being massaged out of my body. So for years I’ve been going for oil free massages presumably inspired by the traditional Thai way of massaging.




Last week however I was offered a chance to experience a massage from Fat Girl Slim, which to be honest I agreed to because that is the single coolest name for a salon…EVER.

Situated across the road from Jolly Roger in Parkhurst (don’t worry it’s a world away from cheap pizza and beer drinking students) Fat Girl Slim is like a little escape from the bustling streets of Parkhurst. I was introduced to Tumi the slightest most unassuming lady, with the strongest hands I have ever felt. Seriously I don’t think I will ever have another knot in my back again.


The beautiful Tumi

Fat Girl Slim is owned by Rosheen Kriegler and Wendy Luhabe who I kinda feel like I would hug if I ever got to meet them for creating this little piece of heaven. The Salon is also one of only five exclusive Clarins salons in Johannesburg area. Rosheen and Wendy both recommend the Clarins Facials with Tumi and the Hot Stone Pedi with Sipho.









For a full list of their super well priced offerings you can check out their website here.

Fat Girl Slim Salon, 9B 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, Johannesburg

011 447 6922

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