31 Days of Instagram @miklasmanneke


mik 31

Yesterday I was lucky enough to hang out with today’s Instagrammer Miklas I thought I just had to share his photos with all of you today. With no further ado, I introduce to you @miklasmanneke

1. What is your handle?

2. What do you do when you’re not Instagramming?

I am an aspiring director and writer.

3. How did you discover Instagram?

I have always enjoyed photography, so when I saw the app at the App Store I downloaded it and decided to try it out.

4. Who are some of your favourite SA Instagrammers?

South Africa has many amazing Instagramers, guys like @unclescrooch @garethpon @roywrench have always set a high bar and keep us motivated.

5. Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to master the platform?

I find Instagram is about taking pictures for the joy of it and experiencing the community. Going to the Instagram meet ups by your local community is a way to learn more about the app and using your phone as a camera.

Hello world | #latergram #germany #hannover

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Enjoying a Belgian waffle in Brussels! #brussels #Bruxelles #belgium

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6. Do you have a particular photographic style?

Well people tend to comment about the one-point perspective and symmetry that I use.

7. Where is your favourite place to take pictures in Johannesburg?

I love taking photos in the city. Johannesburg offers a lot of different environments

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Explore | #Germany #hannover #neidersachsen

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